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Spot the Fusion in the pictures

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Have you got any interesting examples of cultural fusion in your life? Let us know.
If you have any pictures or stories you'd like to share about how migration has made your family history more interesting, please e mail them to elizajanegoesahead@googlemail.com or click the link above.

Sunset over the Himalayas with young people of many backgrounds.

Image: Sunset over the Himalayas

Molly's Multicultural Mates come from all over the world.

Image: A Rainbow of youngsters

The Cape of Good Hope. No more apartheid.

Image: Cape of Good Hope

Natal: two generations and two families.

Image: Spot the Fusion

Ready to go home after a trip to the Masai Mara

Image: More people of different races

Cape Town: Nelson Mandela would approve.

Image: Mixed Race Couple

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